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Training time

Scientific evidence has shown that maximal strength and athletic performance can vary throughout the day, with the lowest occurring early in the morning and the highest occurring in the afternoon. These changes are more noticeable in high-intensity, short-length exercises such as weightlifting, sprinting, and high-intensity intermittent exercise than in sub-maximal (less than maximal ability) and low-intensity, constant-intensity exercise.

It can now be said that those who delay their training during the day will actually enjoy a number of physiological benefits.

A possible explanation for these strength changes could be a change in body temperature during the day, which usually peaks in the afternoon. The temperature of the body can look like a warm-up (Warm-up) turn cause the metabolic reactions hasten flexible ligaments and tendons to increase the cell transfer rate of action potential, or the speed of nerve , Increases the nerves to your muscles.

Beyond body warming

Changes in body temperature during the day can partly explain changes in muscle strength, but it is not the only factor. There is evidence to suggest that the body should make much more effort to utilize muscle fibers at the beginning of the day, and that the level of electromyographic activity of the muscles is lower in the morning. It can be concluded that morning exercise may not affect low-intensity exercise, but if you want to do strenuous exercise, you certainly can not do it when only 75% of your muscles are active.

Finally, hormonal changes occur during the day, the most important of which is the cortisol and testosterone levels reach a maximum and then both hormones decrease in the last hours of the day. Increasing cortisol in the morning is actually to your detriment and causes muscle damage, but it seems that raising testosterone in the morning is actually the body’s attempt to compensate for the effects of cortisol.

Evening resistance training lowers cortisol levels, decreases catabolic reactions (negative metabolism), and increases anabolic reactions (positive metabolism), resulting in increased muscle hypertrophy (increased volume). Muscle) becomes.

It cannot be said conclusively that these short-term changes cause long-term adjustments in muscle size and strength. But regardless of the size of the muscle groups in a continuous and regular people who exercise in the morning or evening there.

For those who exercise early in the morning, it may seem like you exercise hard when others are asleep, but you get less results. But there are a few things that will help you a lot:

If possible, exercise in a warm environment to raise your torso temperature and close to your body temperature in the evening.
If you are not a fan of exercise in a hot environment, extend the warm-up (initial warm-up) for 5 to 10 minutes to increase the flexibility and mobility of your ligaments and muscles.
To reduce the effects of increased cortisol in the morning, eat a small fruit before going to the gym and consume a little amino acid during exercise to prevent muscle damage.

If there is no effective way, be consistent with your exercise hours, because regular exercise at certain times of the day eliminates the effects of short-term changes during the day. So if you exercise regularly in the morning, you can get very good or even better results from evening exercises.

The most important thing is the commitment to go and continue going to the club.

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